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Here are some new informations:

VDE publishes article on Cellular Energy Systems:


The work group „Energieversorgung 4.0“  (Energy Supply 4.0) as part of the ETG/ITG – expert comittee „Protection and Automation Technology“ published concrete options for taking action on realising decentral energy supply based on cellular structures. These options were presented and discussed at a symposium earlier this year in Kassel. Instead of unpopular network expansion, the experts recommend efficient generation and consumption of energy at all levels. Gerhard Jost is one of the authors and contributed his expertise in the chapter on information security.

Read yourself, how the development of our energy network can succeed, if we work interdisciplinary. You find the article here:https://www.vde.com/resource/blob/1884494/98f96973fcdba70777654d0f40c179e5/studie—zellulares-energiesystem-data.pdf