Smart Grid

The transition of energy supply from centralised structures, with which the transmission of energy from large power plants to consumers was clearly visible and manageable, into a heavily branched, geographically widely distributed network of power generators of various sizes, with hard-to-foresee demand, makes improved communication and coordination between electrical energy production and consumption entities imperative. This network restructuring represents a tremendous challenge to the communicational capacities of the network’s individual entities. The available grid resources can only be utilised through data exchange via the Internet.

The first step in the comprehensive establishment of smart grid communication structures is the legally required introduction of smart meters. We provide our clients with implementation concepts and the planning of network infrastructures for digital communication. The extensive expansion of the IT communication structures within the energy grid structures that is associated with the transition to a smart grid makes the IT security more important than ever before. Thanks to our participation in the work group “IT-Security in der Leittechnik” (IT security and control technology) of the DKE 952.0.15, we are very capable of assisting our clients in this area as well.