Energy Data Management

We plan the installation or upgrading of your Energy data management system.

Because of unbundling, the number of marketers on the regulated energy market has increased drastically. Prior to unbundling, all of the activities were handled by the utility. Today, the various activities are divided amongst network grid operators, (power generating, accounting grids, accounting coordinators, meter operators and meter readers). A great deal of data must be recorded, saved, processed and provided to the various parties involved, so that each of them can perform their work suitably. A new market, namely, the energy data management system market has evolved to meet these specific needs.


We assist our clients with the procurement, choice and implementation of such systems.

We supervise and optimise your Energy data management.

We support our clients with the adaptation of the business processes to regulatory requirements, including GPKE, Geli@Gas, GaBi, MaBiS, WiM and the optimisation of the energy data for accounting, including the handling of differences between allocated and actual volume consumed.

In day-to-day business we participate and resolve temporary staffing shortage (vacation or illness replacement, job vacancy).